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Robin Winter

comedy magician and public speaker

Helping You to Speak

The fear of public speaking is well-known!!

Robin is fully qualified to help you if you have to give an important speech. Maybe you are best man at a wedding, or you have to propose a toast at a function, or give a birthday or barmitzvah speech, or give a vote of thanks to an important guest. Robin can help!

As a qualified teacher (Robin trained as a teacher and gained a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education with distinction) he knows how to put across ideas and advice to those who need it. Robin will not write your speech for you (although he will give you plenty of suggestions) but can help you present that speech confidently.

As an award-winning speaker you can rest assured that Robin will be giving you advice that is tested and based on experience.

An initial consultation with Robin is completely free!! If you do not think he can help you then you can look elsewhere and there is no charge! You have nothing to lose!!