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Robin Winter

comedy magician and public speaker

Testimonials (All unsolicited)

“Rarely have I seen a room … so attentive. To summarise - simply brilliant'!” - David Lang

"Exceptional - par excellence. Professional to the nth degree ... truly sensational" - D. Whittam

"..absolutely hilarious - I can't remember enjoying an act more" - Colin (for Amnesty International)

“Everyone at the function, and I do mean everyone, has since contacted us to say how great the magician was.” - Richard

"Robin Winter's show is one of the most entertaining of this year's Fringe. ....the best value in town" - Edinburgh Festival Times

"Everybody enjoyed themselves so much and so many people have made a point of telling us how good you were and how they hadn't laughed so much in a long time." - John Lewis

“A couple of our professionals told me it was one of the best (talks) they have ever seen … genuinely entertaining.” - Steve Milroy

"A fabulous evening. ..thoroughly enjoyed by all members of Wembley Stadium." - Carol

"Thank you for your fantastic and hilarious contribution to such a happy day." - Katie Carver

"Robin amazes and amuses... Even close to it is difficult to believe what you see." - Radio Forth

"..we all had a fantastic time. Robin Winter was just perfect for the day. The afternoon just did not last long enough. Thanks for finding the perfect person to entertain us." - Carol Thomas